Monday, December 3, 2007

The day that changed the world.

Who would have thought that on the monumental day that President Nixon left Washington DC for China that the world would change by the time that he returned home. On that day, February 17, 1972 (I can not recall the precise time, as I had not had the opportunity or the finances to purchase a time gauge) a small reincarnated fly, a creature in which his minute into existence was a minute closer to his demise, or a child of God draped in a mortal robe on a pathway of eternity came into the world. The world would be changed from that point forward.

Memories of my first steps, my first word and any other first that I had (well besides the first kiss I had with my little redhead neighbor in Page Arizona) are not retained in this empty mind of mine and can not be pull out for your simple amusement. Though those first years are not even a blur to me I hope you do not stop reading here and entice you to read further as you continue to walk the path of adolescence with me. ( a path that I am accused of still walking).


Ryan said...

I think you are in fact the child of God one draped in a robe, not the fly one. But I do agree with you about you probably ending up in the closet chanting. Because you are, you know, kind of a weirdo - but in a good way. And it's not like you'll stay in the closet for a long time because eventually you'll get hungry and come out to eat ice cream sandwiches and sushi.

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

It sure didn't take long to empty that head of yours, did it?