Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Mind is Not Empty Yet

My mind has been swimming in a pool of thoughts for the last little bit...Swimming might be the wrong term as it sounds like I am in control of the movement of my mind. Rather I am drowning in my thoughts and convulsing about trying to grab some substance that will hold my attention in hopes to pull myself out of the pool on to dry ground were I can stand and at least look around and gain some sort of bearing before the tide rises and lapping over my feet only in time to crashing over my head once again. Hoping to get a breath or at least a rest before it is time to dog paddle again.

Work once again is go through hard times. They have sold the company and several people will have no job coming December 31, 2007. The hand of providence rests above me once again as I am blessed to be spared. At times I feel I am some sort of pawn running a square at a time form the vast mobility of the Queen. Hoping I will be over-looked for the restriction of my moves till I am crowned as I reach the other side of the board. Others pawns that I move with , in this game of chess, were not so fortunate as their hand of providence was turned and fell up on them removing them from this particular board. Hopefully they will be placed upon another board in which there movements might take them to a higher status.

How quick life changes from one moment to the other. I am not sure what changes more frequent...My train of thought or the road of life. I would have to say that it is the road of life that pulls the lever to switch the tracks on which my thoughts run.

This holiday season is very emotional for me as I am at a great loss. This is the first Christmas with-out my father. Some times my mind stops at this particular memory station in which I relive the last year, days and moments before my dad passed. I will stop there but only for a brief time as I can never stay to long. Those thoughts bring with it a pain that I am not excited about investigating. So until a latter date it will have to be sufficient to only say, "I miss that MAN!!!"

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