Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moving Forward

Life is moving. good or bad? I am not sure but I do feel movement and I am hoping it is forward. I see around me changes and smell it in the air. There is something in the near future and it is lingering out there taunting me as if I am a child playing hide and seek from the boggie man. However I am not the one hiding.

In the distance I hear his sounds, a crash of the market here, a laugh of disgrace there. Yet I move forward looking trying to seek out the face of this illusive tease. Not sure what I will find and not sure why I am looking.

Around me I see houses foreclosing and employment failing. I see men with their backs breaking under the weight that is placed upon them as if they themselves are Atlas and have been called upon to suspend the world.

Yet there is the soft hope that if the boggie man is found this childish game will be over. The game that we have been thrown into. So with every step forward into darkness of uncertainty there is that hope that that hidden culprit will be found and his arrogant sounds might be stifled by the fear of being discovered.

The world provides several distractions and hiding place for the mischievous boggie man. But he will be found and we will return to the laughing of children, the hopes of teenagers and the dreams of old age. When it is all over I hope to be able to see you and you will still call me brother.

Peace be with us all, let the night not be so long and when the day brakes let us enjoy it more thoroughly than days gone by.

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