Monday, July 28, 2008

One Year

Cars pass by, even flies pass by but I never suspected for time to pass by after my father passed by. Though I am not currently wearing a watch with a calendar and I am to lazy to find the icon on my phone to check the exact date the seasons around me are trying to convince me that a year has passed since the rainy night came and collected my father for one last journey.

In these 365 days I wonder what changes have occurred in my life. It takes one year to grow an asparagus crown, SpongeBob square pants 33 minute “Atlantis SquarePantis,” took a year to produce, Zeon won it's independence when they signed a treaty with the earth alliance after the 1 year war (not sure what that is but I am sure there is someone out there that speaks perfect Zeonolain and is discussed with the flippant way I referred to this struggle in the Universal Century). My point is many great things have occurred in one year and as I look at the reflection of myself in the glow of my computer screen I see no changes that have occurred in me over the past 31449600 seconds of my life.

I remember as a boy a punishment that I received often was that I was placed in front of our yellow oven which had a clock on it. The punishment was to watch that clock from 5min to 60min what ever the misdeed we participated in required for our full remorse and forgiveness. I would sit and watch that clock and the only thing that really changes was the numbers on the clock. No new boy with new determination jumped up from that chair. No it was still the same mischievous boy that was about an hour older with about an hour of new ideas on how to get into trouble. At times I fell the same way. Though I am a few years older and I am sure that oven is long gone by now the principle is still there. Time has passed and I question am I any better for it?

Well enough as my mind is circling around in despair and discouragement thinking that I am still just allowing life to happen and not making the most of it. I hope in the 3 min you have sat reading this that somewhere inside of you a change has occurred and you are just not 3 min older.

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